Industrial Solutions

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Industry Solutions

Genesis Logistics provides professional and trusted supply chain solutions tailored to the world’s top international brands. Our services extend across a diverse range of sectors, allowing us to fully exploit scale and volumes, resulting in high quality, cost-effective supply chains. We specialise in Fashion & Lifestyle, Food & Beverage, FMCG, Industrial & Material Science, Automotive, and Pharmaceutical & Healthcare industries.

F&B Trading services

Genesis is a leading player in F&B trading services. We provide professional FMCG trading and distribution, food servicing and catering services to the F&B industry throughout mainland China. Our broad customer base ranges from retail stores, gourmet shops and supermarkets to hotels, clubhouses, restaurants and fast food chains, as well as many other food service channels. Serving thousands of outlets, we provide exceptional products, assuring food safety, freshness, convenience and sustainability that meet all your F&B needs. read more

FMCG Trading & Distribution

At Genesis, we offer our customers exceptional FMCG market penetration by way of a fast, seamless replenishment process across all retail channels. We expertly serve all your marketing, retail distribution, food service penetration and shelf merchandising needs, as well as key account and credit management. Our extensive network capabilities further allow us to fully attend to the total product life cycle, from sourcing to marketing to distribution and on to end-user consumers. Genesis features ambient and cold storage facilities equipped with multi-temperature capabilities, We additionally run our own fleet of trucks and reefer trucks, offering high flexibility, while ensuring timely and cost-efficient delivery. Through best practices and continuous improvement, Genesis guarantees the highest standard of quality and safety for your FMCG products along supply chains.

Food Servicing

We offer a broad product range that includes fine foods along with chilled and frozen items and dairy and grocery basic food stuff. We are dedicated to providing services and quality products to our customers covering hotels, clubhouses, chain restaurants, fast food chains, airline caterers, various kinds of Western and Asian restaurants.